Welcome to the website of culture organisation Rsyke

Rsyke is a registered organisation, founded 2001 in Tampere Finland, to promote fetish, BDSM and kinky culture. Rsyke is a non-commercial organisation, for all fetishists, kinksters, BDSM practitioners, etc. without any limitations on gender or sexual orientation.

Our organisation is responsible for the Tampere Fetish Factory (TAFF), an event held once a year that consists of art exhibions, seminars and the TAFF fetish party. We also arrange a couple of smaller fetish club nights a year in Tampere.


Rsyke arranges bi-monthly munches at different restaurants close to the Tampere city centre. Information about the specific locations can be found at BDSM-Baari. The munches are open to everyone and are held on Tuesdays on every odd numbered week, starting at 6:30 pm. The next meeting will be on 06.06.2023.

Forums & chat

You can also visit the Finnish BDSM forum at http://www.bdsmbaari.net/index.php. Unfortunately the forum is mainly in Finnish.

You could also try the "kinky bar" chat rooms found at www.city.fi/chat and from chat.suomi24.fi, under the category "seksi". Also #BDSM.fi channel in IRCNet is a place to exchange oppinions.

Tampere Fetish Factory

TAFF is the main event in the Finnish fetish and BDSM scene, held every year in Tampere, by Rsyke organisation.

TAFF fetish party is a dresscode event (kinky / fetish style outfit is required for entrance, no street wear!) and the party has an age limit of 18 years.

Contact info

To contact our organisation, you can send an email to rsyke.ry (at) gmail (dot) com.